FAI for PowerPC and Re: Live without NFS?

Peter Wahl Peter.Wahl at alcatel.de
Thu Oct 30 10:19:30 CET 2003

On Tuesday 21 October 2003 22:39, you wrote:
> Hello,
> With fai 2.3.1 (the one in Woody) I succeeded building the nfsroot on
> PowerPC. I had to patch make-fai-nfsroot a little but not too bad. And I
> since I thought task task_partition() would use fdisk (which isn't
> available on ppc, but it uses sfdisk which is), I decided not to give it a
> try and used a hook instead (and so I did the partitioning manually).
> Right now I'm giving FAI 2.5.1 a try on ppc. The results will be published
> here ;-)

Thank you for trying the PPC version and for the patches you'll deliver.

I've got another question concerning the boot sequence and perhaps you'll have 
a simple answer:
FAI is currently based on PXELINUX which is Intel specific. But what can I use 
to boot my PowerPC via network together with FAI? - Without loosing PXELINUX' 
server side configuration for kernel parameters etc ...?
What alternative do you see when I use a simple on-board BOOTP loader which 
only gets the configuration avaliable via DHCP?

One idea I have: E.g. a two level boot with a simple mini-linux via DHCP 
first. The mini-linux can simulate the PXELINUX config stuff by downloading 
some config via tftp and then reboot with a new downloaded kernel.
- Reasonable?

Best Regards - Peter

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