problems using fai-bootcd

Thomas Wuppermann tw at
Mon Oct 27 16:57:13 CET 2003


I am trying to find out how we can use fai-bootcd and make it work in our company.
We use fai to install about 70 systems with about 40 different configurations, so the fai server works fine.

The make-fai-bootcd-script worked fine as well.
Trying to install a new system (on virtual hardware / VMware) from the iso-image of the fai-bootcd, the Installation stopped with the following lines:

Freeing initrd memory: 475k freed
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem).
Freeing unused kernel memory: 160k freed

fai_bootcd_0.2 loading, syslogd: Couldn't get file descriptor for socket /dev/log: Address family not supported by protocol
searching for CD ....
trying to locate cdrom:

Can somone help us with this?
I attached the kernel-config from the fai-boot-kernel which I think ist installed in teh fai-bootcd(?)

Thanks in advance Thomas

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