Live without NFS?

Peter Wahl Peter.Wahl at
Wed Oct 22 08:05:25 CEST 2003

Thank you very much for all your hints - Thomas and the others.
I think I will make it run with a initrd and its not a space problem since I 
have 512 MB RAM in the smallest version.
I have a separate PowerPC machine in the development environment to set up all 
this stuff and some Intel PCs for prototyping.

On Tuesday 21 October 2003 23:45, Thomas Lange wrote:
> >>>>> On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:22:36 +0200, Peter Wahl
> >>>>> <Peter.Wahl at> said:
> >>>>>
>     > for FAI ;-).  Unfortuneately my install server has to be a
>     > Windows 2000 machine (I know that's a design bug - but its not
>     > my fault and I cannot change it).
> Uuuuh. It don't like to do your job.
> But try to tell your head that you can save much time (that's also
> money) when you can use a PPC computer as install server, not a
> Win.. machine. I think it's worth and there are a lot of arguments for
> doing so.

I agree with you.
But another word concerning the Win2k machine - just to appear not too stupid 
The target is a product which is already in field. We have redundant 
controllers based on PowerPC (my install client). At customer side I will 
install from an HP-UX machine or the Win2k craft terminal or the redundant 
controller, depending on the state of our product. I mentioned only the Win2k 
stuff because I think that's the hardest (and most disgusting) part. The rest 
will work for sure.
But you see. Changing the Win2k machine at customer side will be
1. Really expensive
2. Not be accepted by the customers

> Hope this helps.

For sure.
Thank you for your work on FAI - it really cool!

Best Regards - Peter 

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