RAID driver cciss

Kief Morris kmorris at
Wed May 14 18:03:19 CEST 2003

Thomas Lange typed the following on 11:07 14/05/2003 +0200
>Now, all SCSI drivers are kernel modules. Maybe sfdisk do not trigger
>to autoload this kernel module. Try do debug class/06hwdetect.source. Is it
>loaded after calling this script? If not, you can add the module to
>the script class/DEFAULT.mod.

This worked! I chased my tail for a while before I realized the FAI
boot mount does in fact have the cciss module available. But no,
sfdisk doesn't trigger the module. I tweaked class/DEFAULT.mod
as you suggested:

  kernelmodules="rtc floppy parport_pc usbkbd usb-uhci keybdev cciss"

... and it now boots properly.

Thanks all!


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