Thomas Lange lange at
Wed Mar 13 00:17:50 CET 2002

>>>>> On Tue, 12 Mar 2002 23:02:26 +0100 (CET), "Gernot A. Weber" <gernot at> said:

    > Hi List, is it possible to make a FAI if there is already
    > Windows installed on a disk? I mean FAI sees the Winpartition
    > and then only partitions the rest of the disk? Or even better:
Yes, surely. Just preserve the windows partition in your disk_config
file using the keyword "perserve". You can also define a mount point
for this partition, eg. /win. Then, the rest of the disk can be
partitioned noninteractively ! But don't forget to make a backup of
your windows partition. I never tested this with a windows partition.

    > Or even better:
    > Is it possible to partition the disk interactively, mount the
    > partitions and then install without any automatic partioning?
This is not better ! A non interactive installation is always the best.

Gruss Thomas

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