Some packages will not install

Jens Ruehmkorf ruehmkorf at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Tue Oct 23 23:01:46 CEST 2001

Hi Christoph,

since nobody replied yet, I'll try.

> sometimes not all packages are installed on the client. I'm mixing
> tasksel installation and normal install in some package_config files.
> So in the software.log apt complains about: Sorry, talk is already the
> newest version. and that about 20 times.

Well, you seem to have duplicate entries in various classes. What I do for
installing is making sure that either all (or most) entries in different
classes are different or if both CLASS_A and CLASS_B contain the same
packages, CLASS_A is used iff CLASS_B is not used.

One might fix things by resolving all dependencies and checking for
duplicates etc., but that makes not much sense since apt does just that.

> Then the complete apt command stops installing the packages in this
> line. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Sorry, but for me this is not enough info to figure out what's going

> And what is the advantage of using dselect-upgrade.

Just an example: when installing a server you might want to do some things
interactively afterwards. Specify important packages using dselect-upgrade
and once the computer is installed, you can do "dselect" and upgrade, to
have the specified packages installed and configured as you like.

Kind regards,

ruehmkorf at informatik dot uni hyphen koeln dot de

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