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Geert Stappers Geert.Stappers at
Tue Oct 9 17:33:31 CEST 2001


FAI is a beautyfull concept.
Especial for clusters or other computerpools in a NIS it is a nice tool.

For stand alone computers it misses an "add user" function.
After install you still have to create an user,
because there is no NIS where the user management is done.

So had to build a "adduser"-function.
It is a shell script, which is self documented.
See the attached patch.

The great magic in the script is
 chroot $target adduser
and the
 chroot $target expect << HERE

The main benefit is that you don't have to allow remote root login.
This is more secure. It is also more like the "standard" Debian installation
where the installer asks for a non-root user account to install.

To activate the script you have to add a line "ADDUSER" in a class file.

The "expect dot deb" has to be installed. Beware: on Potato there
is a "expect5.24" and "expect5.31", on Woody "expect", what can't go wrong.

I hope that the add user script is also usefull for other people.
For me it is. ;-)

Kind Regards
Geert Stappers

diff -urN fai-vanilla/templates/scripts/ADDUSER fai/templates/scripts/ADDUSER
--- fai-vanilla/templates/scripts/ADDUSER       Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970
+++ fai/templates/scripts/ADDUSER       Tue Oct  9 15:38:25 2001
@@ -0,0 +1,33 @@
+#! /bin/sh
+# (c) Geert Stappers, 2001, Geert.Stappers at
+# to be used for FAI, Full Automatic Installation
+# ADDUSER, Adds an user
+# $adduser_name and $adduser_passwd got their value in ADDUSER.var
+[ ${debug} ] && set -vx
+# create the user and his/her home dir
+chroot ${target} adduser --disabled-password \
+                    --gecos ${adduser_name}\ ${HOSTNAME} ${adduser_name}
+# having a hostname in "the real name" is usefull
+# when recieving mail from the user which is on so many computers
+# set password with the "talk to program" program `expect`
+# the slash before the dollar-sign is
+# to protect the `expect` variables
+chroot ${target} expect << HERE
+  spawn passwd \$env(adduser_name)
+  expect "word*:"
+  send "\$env(adduser_passwd)\r"
+  expect "word*:"
+  send "\$env(adduser_passwd)\r"
+  expect eof
+[ ${debug} ] && set +vx
+## note: 'adduser' and 'expect' didn't work together...
+# end of shell script
diff -urN fai-vanilla/templates/class/ADDUSER.var
--- fai-vanilla/templates/class/ADDUSER.var     Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970
+++ fai/templates/class/ADDUSER.var     Tue Oct  9 15:47:51 2001
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+# variables for ADDUSER

Kind Regards, Geert Stappers
The Future is now, be part of it.

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