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>>>>> On Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:57:58 +0200, "Martres, Jean-Jacques" <Jean-Jacques.Martres at> said:

    > Hi, I'm very interesting about your package, but I've a question
    > : It's possible to access to packges not troght the network
    > (NFS, HTTP, FTP) but trought local disk like a CDROM.  Because I
    > want to create a special distribution to install many stress
    > server.

    > Did you have an idea ?

It's possible, but I think NFS access is more flexible. Why do you
need a special distribution ?

Anyway, in FAI 2.0 (will be released in may) the variable
$FAI_DEBMIRROR is the location of the debian mirror (default a NFS
location) which is mounted. You should specify the location as
"/dev/hdc" for example.

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