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>>>>> On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:21:22 +0100, Scott Nursten <scott.nursten at StreetsOnline.co.uk> said:

    > Hey Thomas, Checked out the source. Looking through it. Good to
    > see the support for multiple faiserver NIC's. Busy looking at
    > the setup_harddisks for arrays. First of all, we need to do a
Attention! setup_harddisk will be replaced by a new script in future
(maybe till end of 2001). So do not put too much effort into changing setup_harddisk.

    > modprobe cpqarray loaded for the array to be seen. We do modules
    > etc from /usr/local/share/fai/class/[global|$classes|$HOSTNAME]. 
I would use a script call DISKARRAY.mod to load this module.

    > you like me to work on a fai-client-config script for modules
    > etc? This could start very simply by prompting for the client
    > hostname and the modules that should be loaded for the
    > client. It could then go on to include packages, configs etc. It
    > could also ensure that a generic config was created in
    > /usr/local/share/fai and at least give the user some idea how to
    > go about sorting out a client configuration. It would be nice to
    > have it called at the end of fai-setup for an initial client
    > configuration.
That sounds very nice. Currently we have to edit the configuration
with our prefered text editor (that very nice for me), but I think
many people would like such an interface to create the
configuration. Please use debconf, since it supports various frontends
(X based, curses-like, noninteractive) and will be standard in future
releases of Debian. But I think such a fai-client-config script can
only do the basics, because the dependencies of all scripts and
classes can be very complicated. If I like to do a more complex
configuration, I must use my text editor again. Nevertheless I will
also love such a tool.

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