Announce: FAI subversion repository moved to Github

Michael Prokop mika at
Fri Nov 4 17:41:51 CET 2011


as discussed during the last months we considered migrating from
subversion to git. At the last FAI workshop we decided to give it a
shot and I volunteered to work on the svn->git migration. I'm happy
to be able to announce that FAI is living on Github as of today:

Using Github provides social coding features which are supposed to
improve collaboration - not only within the FAI team itself but also
with (non-core) contributors as well as companies which maintain
their own bunch of FAI changes on top of the official FAI releases.

Feel free to follow the git repository, fork it
( and send us pull requests to
merge your stuff (!

To follow the git commits on github you can use this atom feed:

The CIA bot for IRC ( is set up but not working yet
(needs investigation/rework). Commit mails are supposed to hit the
fai-commit mailing list again as soon as the mailing list admin
returns. :)

I've also set up initial continuous integration stuff. FAI Debian
packages based on recent versions of git master are available at:

We're planning to provide this continuous integration (as well as
automated tests on top of it) via the FAI infrastructure in the
future. But until this is available I'll maintain and provide it
through my own infrastructure.

Enjoy FAI/git and please report back any problems you notice!

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