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Mo Jun 20 09:41:26 CEST 2016

Wir freuen uns sehr Sie zu unserer neuen Filmreihe Research Into The
Everyday einladen zu dürfen. Die Veranstaltungen finden in englischer
Sprache statt.

22.06.2016, 19:30 Uhr
Labor für Kunst und Forschung
Dürener Str. 89
City Passagen, 1. floor
50931 Köln
info-LfKF at uni-koeln.de

Research Into The Everyday #2 LOVE

It’s familiar to everyone – but tends to stay invisible.
It keeps our daily life structured – but is said to be unexciting.
The Everyday.

There are quite a few movies that pretend to show the everyday life of
people – their daily life routine, struggles etc. but what is the
everyday life? Is there ONE version for this mass of people or does it
vary from person to person? How is the everyday shown in our everyday
life – through everyday means? Everyday movies?

LOVE is part of our everyday life – is there a pattern? A routine to
“love-relationships”? (Falling-Loving-Arguing-Splitting?) Or is love
the exception to our daily routine?

This Screening’s topic is all about LOVE – you can choose from three
movies – which movie do you want to see?

Shows us the everyday life of a night nurse, her almost excruciating
routine and while we dig deeper into the story we can see her abyss –
where one question remains: Is this love?

BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR introduces us to Adele, her everyday life
and life routine. And her exploration of love.

Welt.de : “Gaspar Noé shows [...] how it is to sleep with someone –
being in love - and what happens next. The hypersexual anti-porn movie
is a tragic and almost unbearable experience.”

'When you die
You die with your memories
Murphy I love you so much
If one day I die I would love to know
That you fell in love again and again and again…'

Elena Weber
Labor für Kunst und Forschung
Dürener Str. 89
50931 Köln

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